Why is Diginet Sitara Different and Why it Matters To Home Owners

29 December 2017

If you’re wondering how and why is Diginet Sitara Different and Why it Matters to home owners, we intend to make it clear in this article.

Exactly Why is Diginet Sitara Different is best explained with 3 simple reasons which help home owners understand the technology and how it is best used for bluetooth home lighting control applications.

3 Reasons why is Diginet Sitara Different

Lets be clear, by different we mean different to:

  • Legacy Lighting Control Systems such as C-Bus®, Philips Dynalite etc.
  • Simple Bluetooth dimmers (with an app)
  • Other dimmers and home automation solutions

These 3 reasons are detailed below:

  1. Australian Know-How
  2. A Complete Ecosystem
  3. Simple Setup, Sophisticated Functions

Why is Diginet Sitara Different Reason 1: Australian Know-How

Diginet Sitara Bluetooth Home lighting Control System is designed in Australia by a team of lighting control experts.

So what? Decades of experience means home owners get the best performing, most rounded bluetooth home lighting control solution available today.

Granted, everyone likes to think of their engineers as experts in their field and that’s why this term has been used specifically to describe the engineering team behind Diginet Sitara.

The Australian engineering team that has developed Sitara has been designing, developing, delivering and supporting lighting control systems for over 25 years.

They know lighting control. They know LED lighting. They know how to get the best from both.

Diginet Sitara Bluetooth Home Lighting Control System is a culmination of decades of experience with an eye to the future and a focus on delivering what customers want.

Why is Diginet Sitara Different Reason 2: A Complete Ecosystem

What we mean by this is that its not just a single dimmer with some simple bluetooth dimming functions.

Instead, Diginet Sitara is a complete bluetooth home lighting control system, with a range of solutions for most homes – from the most modest to the most extravagant.

Its a complete range of bluetooth dimmers; rotary dimmers, push button dimmers, timers and switches, mobile control applications, accessories, wall plates, wireless switches and internet connectivity devices.

Diginet Sitara is scaleable to very large projects with sophisticated lighting control requirements including:

  • Safety & Convenience – Scheduling of lighting at different times of day and night across all connected lighting loads
  • Grouping & Scene control – Instant control and recall of lighting scenes adds a level of luxury only possible with sophisticated lighting control solution like Diginet Sitara
  • Voice Assistant Integration – Amazon Alexa can be used by home owners to issue voice commands to control their lighitng groups and scenes.

Diginet Sitara is a Complete Ecosystem for Lighting Control

Why is Diginet Sitara Different Reason 3: Simple Setup, Sophisticated Functions

  • You set up it – or your electrician can once its installed.
  • No training needed.
  • No special computer skills needed.

With most sophisticated lighting control systems a technician needs to program and commission all features and functions.

If you want something changed they will charge you an-arm-and-a-leg to re-visit site, open their computer, press a few buttons and tell you its done.

That’s old school and Diginet Sitara eliminates this ancient process for home lighting control.

Using the LEDSmart+ dimmers, switches and timers as the system entry point, all dimming features and functions are set from these devices with a few clicks at the wall plate.

Once this is done, open your mobile device and connect to the Sitara dimmers automatically via bluetooth.

Then, in the App:

  1. Name your bluetooth dimmer devices.
  2. Take a photo of the room with your mobile device, to remind you what you are controlling. (You have complete control of your lighting after 2 steps!)
  3. You can then create lighting groups – for example upstairs, outside, bedrooms – by dragging and dropping in the app
  4. You can then create lighting scenes – groups of lighting at pre-set lighting levels from the press of a button – by dragging and dropping, and setting levels in the app
  5. You can then create schedules – when you want lights/ groups of light to turn on and off – right from the app.