Want Secure Lighting Control? Need RAPIX Secure Hive Mind

01 July 2016

The RAPIX Secure Hive Mind heralds a new era of collective intelligence for lighting control.

With the RAPIX Secure Hive Mind, Diginet’s Adelaide based engineers have jettison decades of old lighting control system design and obsolete operational practices.

This provides an unparalleled future platform for secure, interconnected, intelligent lighting control applications.

Traditionally, networked lighting control systems consist of a collection of disparate blocks connected over proprietary networks where none of the devices know or care about any of the other devices.

These systems from last century issue commands and they (hopefully) respond – often without knowing whether or not that command has achieved the desired result or if the command was authorised to be issued and/or acted upon.

And its not their fault.

These decades-old dinosaurs were created at a time in history where operational expectations were lower and security on networks was generations behind modern day network security requirements.

Connected is NOT Interconnected

This means that not only are these ancient systems not interconnected – other than by a physical cable – they also do not have the necessary joint intelligence for future lighting control applications such as leveraging the lighting control system beyond lighting.

Meanwhile, simple walk-detonate lighting offerings provide little or no connectivity, interoperability or interconnection to other systems and thereby reduce their utility and future relevance as we head towards a more connected world.

What is the RAPIX Secure Hive Mind and Why You Should Care

This Hive Mind Mesh – where all system controllers are aware of each other – provides system-wide redundancy delivering a lower total cost of ownership beyond what any other lighting control system can provide today.

The Hive Mind Mesh means that all system controllers have complete project files and a virtual model of every DALI fitting, group, scene and control zone from every controller in the mesh network.

Any change of state on any part of the system for user interaction or automated scheduling is known to the entire hive mind mesh, simultaneously and instantaneously.

This translates to lighting fast feedback when the system is queried and access to real-time occupancy and energy consumption data for export, analysis and visualisation.

This mesh network’s communication is secure with 128bit encryption, authentication – so that message will not be acted upon until authenticated – and guards against script replay attacks.

Another giant leapfrog over incumbent systems.

Facility Managers Hail the RAPIX Secure Hive Mind

The in-built redundancies are a leap forward in lighting control system maintenance, system uptime and recovery.

This lessens the impact on tenants and reduces operational maintenance costs for facility managers.

These facility managers no longer want to be held to ransom to restore their lighting control system to its full and proper operation or for repairs.

The RAPIX Secure Hive Mind solves these FM’s problems in multiple innovative ways.

The RAPIX intelligent mesh reduces these loathed dependencies on outside support to solve day to day facility maintenance issues.

These day to day issues include:

(1) The ability to swap out broken or inoperative lighting control panel buttons with no need to re-program.

(2) Modify networked motion sensor’s ‘no motion’ time-outs in seconds without a PC, remote control or mobile device.

(3) Diagnose DALI line operational and fault issues without a PC.

(4) Easily replace and re-address failed DALI drivers and ballasts

(5) Simple replacement of DALI power supplies by any electrical contractor without any system re-programming or reconfiguration.

(6) Automatic re-programming of Zone Controllers by the Mesh network to save on call-out and re-programming fees. If a mesh controller fails, a new hardware component can be installed by any qualified electrical contractor and will be automatically re-programmed by the interconnected Hive Mind system architecture.

RAPIX Secure Hive Mind Unlimted Zone Topology