Upgrade Your Wall Dimmers for Smooth, Simple LED Dimming

31 May 2015

There are millions of wall dimmers installed in Australian homes today.

The fact is that these wall dimmers were never made for dimming LED lights and the rapid changeover to LED lights in homes represents a significant issue for home owners and electricians alike.

Wall dimmers are also known as:

  • Rotary Dimmers
  • Rotary Dimmer Switch
  • Rotary Wall Dimmer
  • Rotary Digital Dimmer

Changing your lights in your home over to LED makes good economic sense with savings greater than 50% in energy consumption and therefore significant electricity savings easily achieved.

Home owners can also experience wireless control of their lighting for less than the cost of a Smartphone with Diginet Sitara Lighting Control System.

However the changeover to LED is not smooth sailing for many home owners and there are multiple reports of people changing back to their old lamps after experiencing poor LED performance.

Common problems home owners experience after upgrading their lights to LED and attempting to dim them include:

  • Flickering lights
  • No dimming performance – lights don’t dim
  • Lights pop off at low levels
  • Large jumps or steps in light output when dimming
  • Harsh light output

There are two main items which contribute to this. The quality of the LED light being used and the age and quality of the wall dimmer being used.

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Light Systems Not Just Lights

Today things are different and when you change over your LED lights in your home it is advisable to change over your wall dimmers too.


Because LEDs are electronics and they need electronics to control them properly. Gone are the days of passive lights globes in your ceiling.

Now, matching your LED lights with wall dimmers optimised for LED dimming is a simple and cost effective solution to achieve smooth, simple dimming for LED lights in your home.

The benefits of LED are primarily energy savings and length of life (longevity) which can be up to 10 times or more the life of traditional lamps.

But there’s little point in spending your money on an LED light upgrade and sacrificing quality of the lighting. Especially as you’ll have to live with it for about 10 years before needing to upgrade again! A simple and inexpensive way around this trap is to install wall dimmer optimised for LED dimming.

LED Optimised Wall Dimmers – What to Look For

Selecting the right LED wall dimmer isn’t difficult. You or your electrician can identify a compatible LED wall dimmer from the packaging which will detail:

  • It is optimised for LED dimming
  • How many LED lights it can dim smoothly
  • If it is Made for Australian conditions

The Diginet LEDSmart™ wall dimmer was designed in Australia for Australian homes. And it simply works.

The LEDSmart™ was created with one goal in mind – provide smooth, simple dimming for LED lights in your home.

It can be fitted to almost all common wall switch plates in Australia, provides outstanding dimming performance from 100% to 0% for dimming a huge range of quality LED lights and even some compact fluorescent lamps too.

The Diginet LEDSmart™ wall dimmer also perform great on your traditional lights.

If you are in the process of upgrading only some of your lights to LED (and therefore upgrading wall dimmers), changing all your wall dimmers over to Diginet LEDSmart™ now, means you don’t have to get your electrician back later to swap  more dimmers when you upgrade to LED in those rooms.

It’ll simply work.

Whether your in the middle of an LED upgrade or considering the changeover to LED lights in the future, to ensure you receive smooth, simple dimming for LED lights in your home upgrade your wall dimmers to LED optimised units – like the Diginet LEDSmart™.

The LEDSmart™ can be bought through your electrician or at your local electrical wholesaler.

Just ask for it by name and quote the part number: MEDM

Diginet is a part of the Gerard Lighting Group.

The LEDSmart was previously known as the DIMPALA dimmer