A lighting solution to fit the grid

The ceiling grid can be a big challenge with older buildings, this was the case when the Toowoomba Base Hospital required a LED lighting upgrade.

A ceiling grid with imperial measurements meant that standard ceiling lights would not fit neatly.

Unfavourable options were to replace the ceiling of the building – an expensive exercise – or use a standard size fitting with some form of retrofit housing to fit the imperial ceiling grid.

Enter Momentum Design on Demand

Working closely with the client, we used our cutting edge Design on Demand service to engineer a solution.

Pierlite Developed a unique Momentum fitting to fit the old imperial ceiling grid at the hospital perfectly.

Not only is the fitting energy efficient and highly effective, it meets the hospital’s requirement for CRI90 and cyanosis.

The flexibility of Pierlite’s Momentum fitting comes from its modular design.

LED modules can be added or removed, the ability to customise sizing, add additional features such as sensors to ensure the solution fits the requirements of the project.

Six different close up images of the momentum light fitting

With projects like a hospitals, this additional time factor can be critical in ensuring minimal disruption to their operations.

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