Secure Commercial Lighting Control Platform with IoT Connectivity

17 January 2017

What is the RAPIX Suite?

RAPIX is a Secure Commercial Lighting Control Platform offering IOT Connectivity. The system’s hardware and software is designed in Australia to Save Time, Save Energy and Save Money for commercial buildings applications.

It is designed to solve the time and complexity issues often associated with implementing Lighting Control systems making this process Simpler, Faster and Easier for all stakeholders.

The RAPIX suite consists of 3 main components, which are integrated into a single, time and energy saving solution:

  1. RAPIX Lighting Control – Secure Lighting Control Platform offering IOT Connectivity.
  2. RAPIX Addressing – Fast DALI programming. (Halve DALI programming times.)
  3. RAPIX Emergency – Monitored Emergency Lighting to AS2293 Compliance with One Click

All RAPIX products are 100% DALI compliant, designed and supported in Australia as part of the Gerard Lighting group, Australia’s largest independent lighting systems manufacturer and supplier.

Secure at the Core and Future Proof

RAPIX is the Secure Commercial Lighting Control Platform offering IOT Connectivity.

All communications for RAPIX is encrypted and authenticated, providing peace of mind with respects to the operation of the lighting control system and integration of lighting with other I.T., I.O.T (Internet of things) and building systems.

This mitigates future risk for I.T. departments and facility managers, providing confidence that RAPIX is secure out-of-the-box for no additional hardware or software costs.

As this encryption and authentication security protocol is always on, there is no ‘human error’ risks which are typically the cause of system security issues. The human security flaw is prevalent in many systems, not just other lighting control systems which require security to be configured before functioning.

RAPIX Open Architecture

RAPIX Lighting control platform is a progressive lighting control platform based on international standards of DALI (IEC62386) and Ethernet (IEEE802.3).

This open international architecture mitigates risk for commercial investors, owners, hoteliers and tenants with no long term vendor lock-in. RAPIX Lighting Control Platform will operate with any DALI Compliant devices from any manufacturer, providing choice now and into the future.

As DALI is the international standard for lighting control, global manufacturers use this standard for lighting control, ensuring the widest range of functional, decorative and architectural lighting fixtures are available with DALI control gear, removing any barriers to meet lighting aesthetic or performance specifications.

Foundation in DALI, Reduces Risk

As RAPIX uses DALI Compliance (the International Standard for Lighting Control) as its foundation, users can depend on DALI’s system design topology, performance expectations and redundancies to guarantee scaleable design and consistent operation across segments and application types.

RAPIX platform removes cost and overhead by adding significant extra functionality and value beyond DALI. RAPIX removes system layers, simplifies design and installation via Ethernet and DALI.

For property developers, investors and end users this translates into less CAPEX, less OPEX and a lower total cost of ownership.

RAPIX has been designed in Australia for Australian conditions.

Maximum Functionality and Maximum Value

As a uniquely secure lighting control platform, sophisticated lighting control functionality to maximise energy savings and occupant comfort can be fully realised with RAPIX, in a secure environment.

Motion, occupancy and vacancy sensor solutions are delivered to legislated BCA/NCC requirements and deliver GBCA, Green Star and NABERS (ratings) benefits of lower operating costs and higher valuations.

More advanced energy savings strategies including scheduling, variable time of day operation and human centric lighting scenarios are achieved simply to provide compliance to industry norms, setting new standards for simplicity in execution and maintenance.

Industry Standard Communications Saves Money

Communication with RAPIX is provided via the industry standard Ethernet physical layer.

This saves time and money at the installation stage and makes system management and maintenance simpler and easier in the future.

By utilising a facility’s integrated communication network for lighting control eliminates the need to install a completely separate communications network specifically for lighting control systems, saving labour and materials.

Mitigate Risk and Reduce OPEX via the Hive-Mind Mesh Redundancies.

RAPIX is a new generation system providing system redundancies which mitigate your risk.

These redundancies are designed to lessen the impact on tenants and reduce operational maintenance costs, leapfrogging other lighting control system with respect to maintenance, system uptime and recovery.

This Hive-Mind Mesh platform, delivers a lower total cost of ownership beyond what any other lighting control system can provide today.

The RAPIX Hive-Mind Mesh also reduces dependencies on outside support. If devices fail new components can be installed by any qualified electrical contractor and automatically re-programmed by the interconnected Hive-Mind Mesh.

Integrated Emergency Monitoring for Australian Standards Compliance

For no additional hardware overhead or cost, Integrated Monitored Emergency monitoring and reporting to AS/NZ2293 standards compliance is achieved with the same RAPIX platform.

This further simplifies system design and maintenance, reducing labour and material costs.

There is no vendor lock in and the system will operate with any manufacturer’s DALI compliant emergency devices, providing choice now and into the future.

This obviates the need to install yet another stand-alone system for emergency, reducing installation costs and future maintenance costs for a lower total cost of ownership.

Simpler Communications and Integration Saves Time and Money

Using International standards for communications means that RAPIX is easily and inexpensively integrated with 3rd party systems to provide full leverage of RAPIX system function via bi-directional control and data sharing:

  • BMS (Building Management Systems) systems such as BACNET, MODBUS and LON
  • Audio Visual Systems such as AMX and Crestron
  • Hotel management systems such as Fidelio

As RAPIX is the Secure Commercial Lighting Control Platform offering IOT Connectivity, all communications and integration is provided securely over the Ethernet layer. This further reduces initial CAPEX investment and simplifies system design, maintenance and associated costs.

National Support

RAPIX is supported nationally via a network of experienced Xi Systems Integrators.

These System Integrators are trained and certified by our technical support staff and importantly have been selected due to their previous experience with other lighting control systems, sometimes over decades, in the Australian market place.

The current trained Systems Integrators can be found at the link below.