Whether you’re supplying for a non-scheduled project, sourcing for last minute replacements or disappointed with missed deliveries, Pierlite’s 1 Week Express*offer is here to support your needs.

Assembled in Australia

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Best in class slimline panel with superior lm/W & illuminance

CodeWattLumenLumen/WattDimmingDimension (mm)UGRDownload
SL0634K19E112W1370lm114lm/WL 600 x W 30019Datasheet
SL0634K19P120W2300lm115lm/WL 600 x W 30019Datasheet
SL1234K19D124W2800lm117lm/WDALIL 1200 x W 30019Datasheet
SL1234K19D232W3600lm113lm/WDALIL 1200 x W 30019Datasheet
SL1234K19E124W2800lm117lm/WL 1200 x W 30019Datasheet
SL1234K19F624W2800lm117lm/WL 1200 x W 30019Datasheet
SL1234K19P132W3740lm117lm/WL 1200 x W 30019Datasheet
SL1234K22D124W3000lm125lm/WDALIL 1200 x W 30022Datasheet
SL1234K22D232W3700lm116lm/WDALIL 1200 x W 30022Datasheet
SL1234K22E124W3000lm125lm/WL 1200 x W 30022Datasheet
SL1234K22P132W3700lm116lm/WL 1200 x W 30022Datasheet


Superior optics & diffuser, offering a uniform illuminated appearance

CodeWattLumenLumen/WattDimmingDimension (mm)UGRDownload
DLED2B1234F429W3070lm106lm/WL 1200 x W 30022Datasheet
DLED2B1234F846W4550lm98lm/WL 1200 x W 30022Datasheet
DLED2B1234A431W3300lm106lm/WDALIL 1200 x W 30022Datasheet
DLED2B0664F329W3150lm109lm/WL 600 x W 60022Datasheet
DLED2B0664F745W4700lm104lm/WL 600 x W 60022Datasheet
DLED2B0634F328W2580lm92lm/WL 600 x W 30022Datasheet


Momentum 1 is a fully configurable modular troffer that offers design flexibility, short lead times and outstanding performance

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*Products will be available in 5 working days for dispatch from our factory. Does not take into consideration freight. Selected product models only. Maximum quantity per order available for dispatch in 1 week may differ from time to time, please check with Pierlite sales representative at time of order.