Impacting the way we socialize and spend with advanced lighting technology and design.

With a strong link between lighting and the way we feel, retailers can use lighting to substantially impact our subconscious, and subsequent browsing and purchasing behavior.

Retail displays in clothing, jewelry and homewares stores are most effective when they are carefully designed. The wrong kind of lighting can turn buyers off, or negatively impact the time they spend browsing. The potential impact on a retailer’s bottom line can be substantial, so it is vital to specify specialty retail lighting that has been developed with the consumer and their purchasing habits in mind.

Retail Product Overview & Lighting Solutions

Retail Lighting Control Systems

Lighting controls play a pivotal role in the retail environment. Sensors can bring supermarket aisle illumination up to full brightness when someone is browsing, and dim the lights when there is nobody around. Colour tuning using lighting control can change the mood in a store depending on the time of day, and can help adapt the lighting to the available daylight saving energy and money.

Solutions Focused with Proven Results