Mining & Heavy Industry

Delivering effective illumination in areas where light is life.

Effective illumination in mines and hazardous areas is all about one thing: safety first. In areas made hazardous by abnormal conditions including the presence of flammable vapours, gases or combustible dust, specialty lighting is key to the performance of day to day tasks.

Mining & Heavy Industry Product Overview & Lighting Solutions


BWP ECO LED Weatherproof Batten

Vandalux LED


Briteline Raptor 1200

Rodio LED Floodlight

A3 Maxi HID Floodlight

Astro LED Floodlight

Maxi Master Gen II LED Floodlight

Olympic HID Floodlight

PB Series Floodlight

Tarmac HID Floodlight

DLED2 LED Troffer

DOT9900 Performance Series 2

Futcha LED Troffer


Starburst Crystal ECO LED Downlight

Unilux Led Surface Mount Luminaire

Unilux Surface Mount Prismatic Fluorescent Luminaire

Mine Master LED Gen 2

A Series Linear

F Series Highbay

GF Series Bulkhead

Huntsman Rugged LED Floodlight


Mining & Heavy Industry Lighting Control Systems

Designed for fast, easy installation and operation, GLG lighting controls for mining and heavy industrial areas give light where and when it is needed most. Less operating hours for highbays mean more cost and energy savings, with no compromise on safety in environments that are often adverse.