Bringing world-class lighting technology to the healthcare industry to help create a positive ambience, increase comfort, and reduce anxiety.

Research into the impacts of the physical environment on the wellness of hospital patients and aged care residents can give valuable insight to architects, designers, and facilities managers.

Constant vs varying light, for example, has been found to affect Alzheimer’s sufferers and agitated behaviors in aged care facilities – a significant drop in disruptive behaviors is observed when residents are in constant light levels compared to varying light levels.

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Healthcare Product Overview & Lighting Solutions

Healthcare Lighting Control Systems

In health and aged care, good lighting that is able to adapt to the needs of ageing eyesight is essential. The use of human centric lighting controls in healthcare environments stabilises the day-night rhythm, particularly where reduced mobility can hinder synchronisation with natural daylight. The GLG suite of lighting controls for healthcare environments can also help promote constant light levels where needed, enhancing safety of both occupants and workers.