Internal and external lighting solutions, intelligently designed to withstand the harshest treatment.

The effect of light and colour on behavior modification, for instance, is stipulated as one of the over-arching design factors in Australia’s correctional facilities.

Lighting solutions for correctional facilities must balance effectiveness and efficiency with intelligent design to ensure that luminaires provide proper illumination, are easy to install and maintain, and are tamper proof to eliminate the possibility of lights being used to conceal contraband materials.

Correctional Product Overview & Lighting Solutions


Briteline Raptor 1200

Vandaguard LED PRO

DLED2 LED Troffer

LAB LED Cleanroom


ULED Examination Light

AmbienZ LED Troffer

DOT9900 Excel Series 2


DOT9900 Performance Surface/Mount Series 2

DOT9900 Performance Series 2


DOT9900 Excel Surface/Mount Series 2


BWP ECO LED Weatherproof Batten

Rolle LED Area Light

Stellar LED Surface Mount Lowbay

Stelvio 1 & Stelvio 2 LED Area Light

StreetLED Mk II

SL10 Mini LED

SL10 Micro LED

Cellite Royale

Cellite Bunker

Cellite Raw

Cellite Remand

Cellite Armour

Vandalux LED

Correctional Lighting Control Systems

Intelligent lighting controls enable facilities to reduce ongoing operating costs while maintaining lighting effectiveness. The GLG suite of lighting control systems and products for correctional areas act automatically to provide light where it is needed and can adapt to daylight levels, saving energy and costs without compromise on safety and security.