GenLED One Troffer

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IP20 5 year warranty C Tick LED
2016 Winner International IES ANZ Luminiare Design Award of Excellence. The GenLED One luminaire was developed with form, function and industry best practice in mind. Low level side light ambient panels offering a contrast to the main lighting source and gives a pleasant ambience to the working environment, with excellent beam control and spacing and achieving low UGR . In fixed colour or tunable white 2700k-6500k.
  • Excellent performance and light distribution to achieve UGR19 in open office layouts
  • Superb style and structure from 1 piece steel housing with central optic and separately lit diffused panels
  • Available with air handling or blank trim to suit 400mm or 500mm ceilings (on request) and to 1500mm long
  • 60mm shallow body depth allows maximum clearance in the ceiling
  • 4000K, CRI >80, SDCM 3 , and tunable 2700K-6500K - others on request
  • DALI and Emergency options available , flicker free standard
  • Easily replaceable low flicker remote driver, 7yr warranty
  • 50,000 hours average design life L90

Product Specifications

Ingress Protection Rating
MacAdam Steps
Class 2
Electrical Rating
Luminaire Colour
Ceiling Recessed
Installation Type
Steel (Mild)
Add To Ideas Item Datasheet IES Item Code Description System Power Exit Lumen Lm/W CCT Operating Temperature UGR Design Impact Rating Beam Distribution Dimming Technology Dimensions Weight Operating Temperature
Add to Ideas GLED/0634E GENLED 600X300 4K NO DIM ECO 12W 1120lm 93lm/W 4000K 19 Non - Dimmable 3.2kg
Add to Ideas GLED/0634U1 GENLED 600X300 12W 4K DALI DIM 13W 1120lm 93lm/W 4000K 19 DALI 3.2kg
Add to Ideas GLED/0634U2 GENLED 600X300 24W 4K DALI DIM 24W 2200lm 92lm/W 4000K 19 DALI 3.2kg
Add to Ideas GLED/1234E GENLED 1200X300MM 27W 4000K NON DALI 27W 2580lm 96lm/W 4000K 19 Non - Dimmable 6.3kg
Add to Ideas GLED/1234P GENLED 1200X300 45W 4K PRO 45W 4340lm 96lm/W 4000K 19 Non - Dimmable 6.3kg
Add to Ideas GLED/1234U1 GENLED 1200X300MM 27W 4000K DALI 27W 2580lm 96lm/W 4000K 19 DALI 6.3kg
Add to Ideas GLED/1234U2 GENLED 1200X300 47W 4K DALI DIM 45W 4340lm 96lm/W 4000K 0 - 25°C 19 DALI L1190 x W290 x H60 mm 6.3kg
Add to Ideas GLEDB063TD3 GENLED T-BAR 600X300 TUNABLE WHT 2700K-6500K CRI80 16W DALI8 16W 1800lm 113lm/W 19 DALI8
Add to Ideas GLEDB123TD3 GENLED T-BAR 1200X300 TUNABLE WH 2700K-6500K CRI80 24W DALI8 24W 2800lm 116lm/W 19 DALI8
Add to Ideas GLEDB123TD5 GENLED T-BAR 1200X300 TUNABLE WH 2700K-6500K CRI80 32W DALI8 32W 3800lm 118lm/W 2700K 19 DALI8