Mini Stelvio LED Area Light

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IP66 3 year warranty C Tick LED
Contemporary LED area lighter with medium power LED optics, asymmetric, lighting scattering distribution options. Applications Car parks, access roads, plazas, larger open areas.
  • Housing and cover in die-cast aluminium and designed with a very small surface exposed to wind
  • Cooling fins are integrated into the cover
  • Diffuser: clear, tempered glass, 4 mm thick, resistant to thermal shock and impacts (UNI-EN 12150-1 : 2001)
  • Coating: polyester resin for powder coating, resistant to corrosion and saline environments
  • Complete with IP67 airtight connector for mains connection
  • Supplied with double insulation switch that cuts off electricity when the cover is opened

Product Specifications

Rated Average Life
IP Rating
IK Rating
Colour Temperature
Color Rendering Index
Luminaire Colour
Lamp Type
Aluminium (Die Cast)
Add To Ideas Datasheet IES Item Code Description Operating Temperature Base Cap Lamp Style Reflector Mass (kg) Dimming Technology System Power (W) Lamp Power (W) Beam Distribution Lumen Output Lumens per Watt Operating Current (mA) L80 - Rated Hours L80 - Failure Rate Lumen Maintenance - 80
Add to Ideas 330360-00 MINI STELVIO 3275 52W 4000K 700MA 5424LM CRI70 ANTHRACITE 7.6KG 52W 52W Asymmetric 5424Lm 104
Add to Ideas 330361-00 MINI STELVIO 3275 78W 4000K 700MA 8135LM CRI70 ANTHRACITE 8KG 78W 78W Asymmetric 8135Lm 104
Add to Ideas 330362-00 MINI STELVIO 3275 109W 4000K 700MA 10848LM CRI70 ANTHRACITE 8.1KG 109W 109W Asymmetric 10848Lm 100 700mA 80000 10 80000hrs (L80/B10
Add to Ideas 330370-00 MINI STELVIO 3276 52W 4000K 700MA 5502LM ASYM CRI70 ANTHRACI 7.6KG 52W 52W Asymmetric 5502Lm 106
Add to Ideas 330371-00 MINI STELVIO 3276 78W 4000K 700MA 7718LM ASYM CRI70 ANTHRACI 8KG 78W 78W Asymmetric 7718Lm 99
Add to Ideas 330372-00 MINI STELVIO 3276 109W 4000K 700MA 10326LM ASYM CRI70 ANTHRI 8.1KG 109W 109W Asymmetric 10326Lm 95
Add to Ideas 330383-00 MINI STELVIO 3277 100W 4000K 700MA 10632LM CRI70 ANTHRACITE 8.1KG 100W 100W Asymmetric 10632Lm 106
Add to Ideas 330390-00 MINI STELVIO 3278 33W 4000K 700MA 3622LM CRI70 ANTHRACITE 7.6KG 33W 33W Asymmetric 3622Lm 110
Add to Ideas 330393-00 MINI STELVIO 3278 100W 4000K 700MA 10870LM CRI70 ANTHRACITE 8.1KG 100W 100W Asymmetric 10870Lm 108
Add to Ideas 330453-00 MINI STELVIO 3279 100W 4000K 700MA 10933LM CRI70 ANTHRACITE 8.1KG 100W 100W Asymmetric 10933Lm 109
Add to Ideas 330463-00 MINI STELVIO 3269 100W 4000K 700MA 10806LM CRI70 ANTHRACITE 8.1KG 100W 100W Symmetric 10806Lm 108