Pierlite is a proud Gold sponsor of the 2019 IESANZ Conference in Melbourne,
21-22 November 2019.

This Conference will engage individuals and organisations from all professional fields working in the built environment.  IESANZ will explore the creation and application of Human-Centred Design in lighting, and expand the conversation across engineering, construction, design, landscaping, product development and technology.

Human-Centered Design recognizes the importance of behavioural, emotional and environmental contexts in the creation of lighting, products and usable spaces. It encourages designers to see product users as real human beings with real, complex lives, instead of just as numbers.

Human-centered design is an approach to interactive systems development that aims to make systems usable and useful by focusing on the users, their needs and requirements, and by applying human factors/ergonomics, usability knowledge, and techniques. This approach enhances effectiveness and efficiency, improves human well-being, user satisfaction, accessibility and sustainability; and counteracts possible adverse effects of use on human health, safety and performance.

Using a human-centered approach to design and development has substantial economic and social benefits for users, employers and suppliers. Systems designed using human-centred methods improve quality, for example, by:

                        • increasing the productivity of users and the operational efficiency of organizations;

                        • increasing usability for people with a wider range of capabilities and thus increasing accessibility;

                        • improving user experience;

                        • reducing discomfort and stress;

                        • contributing towards sustainability objectives

Key to Pierlite’s display at the IESANZ Conference is the award winning OcuLED

Next Generation Office Troffer

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