OcuLED wins award for Innovation at the 2019 IES NSW Chapter Awards

14 November 2019

At GLG, we value innovation in lighting. When the IES NSW chapter recognised the innovation in our products and lighting solutions at their awards night in early November, our team had plenty to be proud of.  

Congratulations to our commercial product team on winning the IES NSW Award for Innovation for the Pierlite OcuLED next-generation office troffer.

OcuLED is designed for the unique challenges of office lighting in 2019 and beyond, where a fine balance of innovative styling has been engineered with a vigorous desire to achieve the industry best in colour, visual comfort, efficiency. 

Developed by GLG’s Aaron De Leon and Simon Fisher from F-Mark, OcuLED is engineered to meet the highest demands of the specifier for WELL 2.0, the latest Section J6 2019 IPD requirements, and to be a visually appealing recessed modular office lighting system.

The product design is such that the elements of the fixture can be adapted and adjusted to meet specific architectural demands, such as integration of sensors, elegant integration of air handling capability and control options to maximise energy efficiency.

An example of this is the ability to separately switch the central LED chamber and the illuminated side wings. This means that we can easily achieve an effective circulation lighting level with the side wings and boost the lighting level to task levels when presence is detected.

The visual aesthetic is neutral and visual comfort is high with contrast controlled through the illuminated side panels. The system benefits from being adaptable to multiple control options by simply adding the defined driver and sensor combination. Easy fitting, easy installation, easy control, and easy on the eye.

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