Momentum 1 is a sustainability compliant, fully configurable modular troffer that offers design flexibility, short lead times and outstanding performance.

Its aesthetically pleasing design with side-lit panels and central optics integrates seamlessly into the modern workspaces of today.

Configure unique designs that stand out from the rest.

From designed to delivered within 2 weeks*; Australian manufactured and available in any order quantity, Momentum 1 is quality, customisable lighting from a brand you trust.

*2 weeks delivery applicable within Australia, Eastern states, metropolitan areas only. Please allow an additional week for delivery to other States and remote areas. For delivery outside of Australia, please contact our GLG sales support team.

Endless Possibilities

  • Flexible Tailor the layout, colour and dimensions to create a design that fits your specification.
  • Performance Define desired performance specifications to achieve the optimal solution.

Tunable White

Wireless Control



  • WELL & Greenstar Balance of style and performance, targeted
    for GreenStar and WELL ratings
  • Efficient Highly efficient lighting, up to 130 lumens per watt
  • Visual Comfort Excellent performance and light distribution
    to achieve UGR16 in open office layouts
  • Connected Connect to open IoT platforms and lighting ecosystems

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