Momentum 1 is a sustainability compliant, fully configurable modular troffer that offers design flexibility, short lead times and outstanding performance.

Its aesthetically pleasing design with side-lit panels and central optics integrates seamlessly into the modern workspaces of today.

Configure unique designs that stand out from the rest.

From designed to delivered within 2 weeks; Australian manufactured and available in any order quantity, Momentum 1 is quality, customisable lighting from a brand you trust.

Endless Possibilities

  • Flexible Tailor the layout, colour and dimensions to create a design that fits your specification.
  • Performance Define desired performance specifications to achieve the optimal solution.

Tunable White

Wireless Control



  • WELL & Greenstar Balance of style and performance, targeted
    for GreenStar and WELL ratings
  • Efficient Highly efficient lighting, up to 130 lumens per watt
  • Visual Comfort Excellent performance and light distribution
    to achieve UGR16 in open office layouts
  • Connected Connect to open IoT platforms and lighting ecosystems

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