Meeting Your Clients Future Technology and Lighting Control Needs, Simply

18 January 2016

ou’re designing your lighting system for a new multi storey, multi tenancy commercial office building.

You’re completing your design now and the project will be completed and built in about 36 months (3 years). Yes 2019!

Your design brief from the client states that you need to provide BCA and NCC compliance, ensure your design provides the flexibility to work in the emerging office paradigm of flexible workspaces and must be simple and easy to use and maintain.

The client wants to ensure the building will demand a high dollar per square meter premium and entice new government and financial sector anchor tenants with its fist class security, integrated technology and green building pedigree.

Lighting Control Simple Choices

You can choose from 5 different lighting control products all of which can help you meet your design intent and your clients needs, in different ways, in different time frames – for about the same final installation price.

Only 1 of these lighting systems is delivered out of the box with 128bit encrypted communications and authentication.

Only one system comes ready for the future security needs of Integrated Communication Networks (ICN’s) and the Internet of Things.

  • Same design compliance and end user experience
  • Same installed price
  • 128bit encryption and authentication day 1. Nothing to add

It was William Osler, the 19th Century physician who co-founded Johns Hopkins, who said, “Security can only be achieved through constant change, adapting old ideas that have outlived their usefulness to current facts.

Which is the best choice for the future of your clients building?

A lighting control system which was built 25 years ago before The Internet and The Internet of things existed?

A system created last century with a view of an imagined future from that point in time, rather than a view of the future from today?

Or RAPIX Lighting Control System, which is embedded with the international stands of Ethernet and DALI with 128bit encrypted and authenticated communications as standard.

If all else was equal (and we don’t believe it is just quietly) choosing the secure, encrypted, authenticated system is the only logical choice for 2016 and beyond to meet your clients brief.

That’s a simple choice.

RAPIX. Simply Brilliant.