Meet GLG’s WELL Building Standard Accredited Professional

At GLG, we are proud to supply lighting solutions for innovative WELL projects across Australia and New Zealand, including Australia’s largest Platinum WELL Building Standards project, International Towers, Barangaroo.

Our capability in the WELL Building Standards space is now even stronger with the certification of National Controls Sales Manager Simon Richardson as a WELL Accredited Professional.

The global community of WELL APs are leading the movement to create better environments and communities that help people thrive.

As one of around 75 WELL APs in Australia, Simon is driven by his passion for people and innovation.

He has extensive experience helping companies provide relevant solutions to their customers, and is inspired to work for and with organisations that make a difference in people’s lives.

GLG’s in-house knowledge of WELL building standards across multiple departments can help our customers navigate the WELL building standard in Australia and New Zealand.

Contact us to discuss WELL certification for the lighting in your next project, or call 1300 799 300