The New


Gerard Lighting, Australia and New Zealand’s
leading lighting company is now GLG.

Lighting has evolved, and so have we.

In operation for almost a century, GLG’s aim is to bring people seamless lighting experiences by combining worldwide expertise with local know-how.

The change in our name encapsulates a move from being a product provider to an organisation with an innovative solutions-based approach.

“We might have a new group name, but we carry forward almost a century of experience with us and a portfolio of proven and trusted brands like Pierlite and Sylvania that our customers know and trust,” Les Patterson, GLG CEO.

With a tireless dedication to quality, GLG services people at home and at work in a range of industries, from construction to health, entertainment to manufacturing and beyond.

Our offering is made up of over 20 trusted brands including Pierlite and Sylvania, all of whom are leading lighting entities in their respective market segments.

What’s Not Changing

Despite these changes, there are a number of elements of our business that will remain unchanged.

  • Gerard Lighting Pty Ltd (Company name)
  • ABN 71115184999
  • Customer Contracts
  • Transactions & Processes
  • Accounting structure
  • Trading terms

From roadways to retail, arenas to airports, hospitals to hospitality – wherever you see lighting in Australia and New Zealand, you’ll see GLG.

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