How to Fix LED Dimmer Backlight Flickering

09 November 2017

Are you wondering How to Fix LED Dimmer Backlight Flickering?

Have you installed an LED dimmer (MMDM/RT or MMDM/PB) and have this issue? – Dimmer backlight flickering

Are you on site right now and need to let your client know How to Fix LED Dimmer Backlight Flickering?

We have the answers here. If you are using Diginet Sitara Lighting Control System this device and solution is built in out of the box.

Lets get straight to it.
The Diginet dimmer range of Rotary (MMDM/RT) and Push Button Dimmer (MMDM/PB) are a high performance LED dimmer.

The ability to wire them in parallel on existing wiring for multi- way (2-way dimming, 3- way dimming, 4 way dimming etc.) is an Australian first.

So this LED Dimmer range is a great Australian product.

Challenges for all dimming manufacturers are related to the light source being dimmed. That is, the LED’s being dimmed and the quality of those products.

Our 1st Recommendation: No matter whose dimmer you choose, make sure you select and recommend your customers to buy the best QUALITY LED lamp your project can accept.

This above all else will solve most of your issues most of the time.

The major cause of flickering whether of the off state dim backlight or the on state bright backlight is the distortion of the AC waveform around the zero crossing point.

How to Fix LED Backlight Flickering when Customers Want Cheap LED lights?

With LED lights you really do get what you pay for.

Pay less, performance will be less.

Pay more, from a reputable supplier, performance will be better.

Cant pay more and still want to Fix LED Backlight Flickering?

Use the Diginet MMBP Load Bypass device.

The MMBP is simply re-introducing the components that poorly designed and executed LED Driver designs have left out in the push for lower prices.

Order it from your local wholesaler: PART# MMBP

Why do I have to buy a separate item?

There is no way for the dimmer manufacturer to know:

  • The exact site conditions from an electrical perspective
  • The exact types, quantity and combination of LED lights (and other light sources) on each circuit on site
  • Other types of electrically connected devices on site.

In most cases, the MMBP Load Bypass device will not be required.

If we included it in every box, your supplier, you and your customers will have to pay more for something that is not needed most of the time.

Other large dimmer manufacturers have similar products and sell them separately too for these exact same reasons.

Why isn’t it included in the box if I need it?

Site conditions change from house to house, suburb to suburb, state to state.

The way electricity is delivered and the way homes are wired is not the same everywhere based on different standards at different times in history.

Diginet LED dimmer range, especially LEDSmart+ comes with a bunch of accessories in the box – In our experience, most electricians discard the box and throw away these accessories – often by accident.

Our 2nd Recommendation: Buy a handful of MMBP from your Electrical Wholesalers and keep them in your van in case you do need them.

They are inexpensive and do the job most of the time.

NOTE: No solution is guaranteed to work 100% of the time on 100% of projects.