How fitting room lighting affects the way you see yourself

22 April 2018

Have you ever felt that an outfit you tried on in store looked completely different once you arrived home? Many customers experience ‘the fitting room effect’ when shopping – purchasing an item after viewing it in the carefully constructed change room scenario, and then receiving a shock when seeing it again at home in completely different circumstances.

With 60% of the purchasing decisions being made in the fitting room, providing the right lighting for a great customer fitting room experience is essential. At Retailite, we make it our business to know all about the best in retail lighting, and how it affects the way that customers view themselves and our clients’ products.

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So, how can fitting room lighting influence the way you see yourself? Read on to find out!


It stands to reason that low lighting in a fitting room will not give you an authentic representation of how a garment might look in the outside world (in daylight). Similarly, intense lighting does not always reflect the environment you are likely to find outside a retail environment. The role of lighting designers and retailers is to balance light conditions and intensities to provide the best representation of the merchandise as customers wear them.


Many retailers only install overhead lights in their change rooms. This casts shadows on customers and is generally not very flattering. Vertical lighting however, if detailed correctly eliminates shadows in the fitting room environment and provides a realistic rendering of the product outdoors where global illumination provides light all around.


Colour temperature of a space and colour temperature on merchandise affects the customer’s perception of themselves and the products they are wearing. Warmer LED colour tones carry a relaxed and calming feel, while customers under cooler and more intense light tend to experience an excited state of mind.

In an age where online shopping is becoming more prevalent, mortar and brick retailers are working harder to ensure their retail spaces are providing the best experience for their customers. A tailored and considered lighting solution coupled with the latest technology can help provide a distinctive point of difference.