Google Home Integration

12 December 2018

OK Google, turn on the lights.

Since the release of Amazon Echo in February this year, home owners across Australia have been enjoying the comfort and convenience of home lighting controls using Amazon’s ‘Alexa’ integrated with Diginet Sitara.

Now, Google Home integration has made home lighting control accessible to even more voice-assistant users. Using a simple voice command – “OK Google, dim the kitchen lights” – your home can respond to your needs for a bright and alert environment, or a mood that is relaxed and cosy. Better still, Google Home can change the colour of your home’s lighting from cool to warm when used with colour tunable downlights such as the Pierlite Bluetooth Downlight.

While the question of which smart home device is better is still up for debate (Google Home is better at giving updates on your morning commute, while Alexa is better at ordering a pizza), both devices can now help to control the lighting in your home. Once a Sitara Bluetooth Dimmer is installed by an electrician and the Sitara Remote Access Bridge is plugged into a wall socket – the connected lighting can be set up using a smart device and then controlled via the chosen home assistant – whether that be the Amazon Echo or Google Home device.

The smart home experience is something that is continuing to evolve, with voice assistant use set to reach 275 million in the next 5 years. While some Google Assistant features may be fun for a laugh (“OK Google, what’s my Quiddich position?”) the ability to turn off all lights in your home as you leave or set a relaxed atmosphere at your next dinner party is as simple as it is useful.

For more on integrating your home’s lighting with Sitara to enable voice control, click here.