GLG accredited as an Australian Trusted Trader

13 June 2019

Compliance and legitimate trade is especially important in the electrical industry, where faulty or non-compliant products can result in installer or user injury – or worse.

GLG is proud to have demonstrated our commitment to compliant trade practices and a secure international supply chain by receiving an Australian Trusted Trader (ATT) accreditation this week.

ATT is a partnership with the Australian Border Force and Australian business to secure our borders and facilitate legitimate trade. The ATT mark of distinction signals that the Australian Border Force has independently assessed and accredited GLG against World Customs Organisation Standards

Louis Van Mai accepts the ATT accreditation award on behalf
of GLG at the ATT Symposium Gala Dinner 11th June 2019.

For GLG customers, this means even more peace of mind when purchasing and installing products supplied by GLG. It also means faster supply with faster customs processing of our imported lighting products and components.

You can also get in touch with your local GLG representative by calling 1300 799 300.