Fluorocycle Program 2018

01 February 2018

With 20% of the world’s electrical consumption attributed to lighting and acknowledging the need to embrace cleaner energy technologies; the investment in creating energy efficient and sustainable lighting solutions is now of paramount importance.

As a market leader, GLG is committed to the innovation of energy efficient and sustainable lighting products and services; proudly providing lighting designers, installers and consumers an economical and sustainable choice in minimizing our global carbon footprint.

In support of this commitment and as an active member of Lighting Council Australia, GLG is proud to be a foundation signatory member of the Australian Government’s accredited FluoroCycle scheme.

Targeting the Commercial and Industrial market sectors, the key initiative of the scheme, is to bring to the forefront the fundamental importance of increasing the national recycling rate of lamp waste containing mercury in Australia.

For more information on the Fluorocycle initiatives visit www.fluorocycle.org.au.