RAPIX Lighting Control

A Secure Commercial Lighting Control Platform Offering IoT Connectivity and Exceptional Project Outcomes

Save Time, Energy and Money with the Future of Commercial Lighting Control

Designed in Australia from the ground up to deliver exceptional project outcomes RAPIX saves energy, saves time and saves money; RAPIX is a 100% DALI compliant modern lighting control and monitored emergency and exit lighting  platform.

RAPIX is also secure out-of-the-box for peace of mind in IoT applications.

Benefits of RAPIX Lighting Control

Secure Communications

RAPIX is Secure-Out-of-the-Box with nothing more to do for encrypted, autheticated communication for lighting and connected systems. It comes secure and ready to be installed on Integrated Communications Networks found in modern buildings.

Reliable Communications

RAPIX is unique in that it uses a reliable multicast based Ethernet communication protocol to provide a guaranteed service. Everything that is meant to happen will happen.

FREE Monitored Emergency

RAPIX provides monitored DALI emergency to AS/NZS 2293 as per IEC 62386 Part 202 for no additional hardware or software cost. This further removes cost and complexity of systems in commercial spaces saving more time and money.

Sophisticated Scenarios

With RAPIX, Diginet has developed an extensive set of extended commands for DALI which enable RAPIX to be the world’s most intelligent DALI lighting control network.

Easy 3rd Party Integration

C-Bus, CommandFusion, embedded and PC based integration is easily achieved over Ethernet without extra hardware devices using the RAPIX OPEN API.

We use a simple to implement protocol based on TCP/IP which allows third party systems to quickly and easily be integrated seamlessly with RAPIX in a secure, trusted environment.

Fully Scalable Architecture

RAPIX architecture is scalable. From boardrooms to single-level tenancies to large buildings, the RAPIX Lighting Control System can be easily scaled to suit all lighting control applications. projects of all sizes.



  • 100% DALI Compliant, fast to design
  • Secure out-of-the-box
  • WELLS Standard application ready
  • Fast, secure integration to modern buildings
  • Frictionless system integration via open API
  • Reduces switchboard and space requirements
  • Tunable White ready

Facility Managers

  • National support network
  • Plug and play replacement of faulty components
  • Cheap, simple restoration of tenant lighting services
  • No data ransoming provides lower total cost of ownership
  • 100% DALI compliance means no vendor lock-in
  • Integrated monitored emergency to Australian and DALI standards.


  • Simple, reliable lighting control
  • Plug and play maintenance
  • Space utilisation mapping capabilities
  • No subscription fees for cloud services
  • No data ransoming. It’s yours, you own it.
  • Healthy building applications and Circadian rhythm ready.


RAPIX Lighting Control System is suitable for a range of commercial building applications not just office buildings. Here are some examples of the applications and facilities where RAPIX Lighting Control System can be delivered.











RAPIX Visualisation Software

The RAPIX Visualisation Software (DGOZ-VIS-5C, DGOZ-VIS-3K, DGOZ-VIS-10K) enables a user to configure a Graphical User Interface (GUI) to control, monitor and schedule DALI devices on the RAPIX Lighting Control System.  The user interface can be made available on a PC application, a web browser or a smart phone.

Besides providing system visualisation the RAPIX Visualisation Software also acts as a cost effective and efficient BMS Integration tool for BMS system such as BACNET, LON, Modbus and more.

  • Quickly create customised user interface using drag and drop tools
  • Schedule editor for creating real time based event scheduling
  • Import building floorplans
  • Simple BMS and 3rd party integration with BACNET, LON, MODBUS and more
  • Control and monitor via PC application, web browser or smart phone application


The RAPIX eHub (DGOZ-EHUB-4G-2S) is a RAPIX lighting control system device which connects between input peripherals and a DALI line.

The unit includes four inputs for connecting to RAPIX smart input peripherals, and two additional input connections for occupancy sensors and/or dry contacts.

The eHub is a compact unit which fits through a standard 90mm downlight ceiling hole and is suitable for locating in a ceiling void.

  • Powered via external 12Vdc SELV power supply
  • Input sockets for quick and easy input peripheral connection
  • Segregated terminal block for DALI Line connections
  • LED indicators for power, DALI and Ethernet