RAPIX Emergency

RAPIX Emergency is the intelligent DALI Emergency Lighting Monitoring System with ‘One Click’ commissioning.

RAPIX Emergency is a complete emergency monitoring solution that is simple to use, provides ease of operation and ensures compliance obligations are fulfilled. Suitable for use in all projects where Emergency Monitoring is required from smaller residential fit-outs to the largest commercial installations.

  • Connect & auto-scan DALI lines
  • Auto-addresses DALI devices
  • Identify all Emergency DALI devices
  • Groups fixtures
  • Sets maintenance schedule
  • Generates automated reports
  • Auto-emails reports
  • Password protected
  • Scalable solution
  • Complies with AS2293 standards

Key Features

Scheduled Tests

Auto-generated discharge and optional function tests to AS22393


Auto-generated test and maintenance reports emailed to you for your convenience

Scalable Solutions

From smaller residential fit-outs to the largest commercial installations

Easy to Use

Our intuitive software is easy to use allowing confirmation at the touch of a button