RAPIX Cloud uses Australian designed RAPIX lighting control system hardware to provide a complete dimming and switching capable sports lighting solution for all sport lighting applications.

For many sporting facilities, accountability can be an ongoing headache. Keys can get lost, passwords and SMS procedures can be shared with the wrong people, and usage can be difficult to track, making billing and reporting problematic.

Enter RAPIX Cloud – a cloud based sports field lighting control solution that empowers sports clubs, councils and users to manage lighting both remotely and locally, providing utility, convenience and accountability all around.

Key Benefits

  • Total control over usage and costs across multiple fields and locations
  • Ability to create multi-user access levels
  • Allocation of usage via one-time token authorisation/de-authorisation
  • Scheduling to align with regular practice and game times
  • Easy reporting on usage and billing
  • Access to lighting control via a simple app and web browser interface
  • Scheduling via a familiar calendar booking system

Cloud based sports field lighting control

Designing an effective Sports Lighting Control solution helps Australian councils, sporting clubs and sporting venues sustainably manage the operation of their sports field lighting in an accountable way.

Cloud based sports lighting control systems like RAPIX Cloud provide operators enterprise level, remote sports lighting control solutions for a range of sports field types and codes.

This design guides provides single line diagrams of the lighting control equipment required to achieve exceptional outcomes in Sports lighting control solutions using Australia designed hardware and software.