Motion and Occupancy Sensors

The Diginet range of motion and occupancy sensors maximise energy savings and offer class leading convenience, ease of installation with reliable long term operation.

Diginet’s range of sensors provides motion and occupancy sensors in stand-alone versions and RAPIX Lighting Control Integrated solutions for residential and commercial applications.

Motion Sensors

Motion Sensors detect major movements like a person walking into an office, restroom, storeroom for example.

Occupancy Sensors

Occupancy sensors detect minor movements commonly seen with desk workers typing or reading documents.

Key Benefits

Save Energy

Simple, smart energy savings for homes and commercial applications with linked day-lighting capabilities to save more energy, simply.

Save Time

TIme-saving design innovations make installation faster and setup easier than ever before without sacrificing functionality.

Save Money

A compact range of cost effective motion sensors and occupancy sensors for home and commercial environments available.