Retailite Beds Down With Snooze Frankston

Snooze has been giving Australians a better night’s sleep for more than 40 years, and when we were approached to design the lighting for their Frankston store, we jumped at the chance to work with such an iconic brand.

Frankston’s Snooze is a large open plan retail space, and exudes a cozy atmosphere throughout its different display areas. With natural light only spilling in from the front windows of the store, there was quite a controlled environment within which to design the lighting. Illuminated upholstered chocolate panels are positioned on the ceiling, drawing the customer’s eye down through the space and reinforcing the brand colours.

The average person spends over 30% of their life asleep, and with customers making the very important decision of choosing their bed at Snooze, we knew that replicating the comfortable and relaxed environment of the bedroom was very important. Relaxed customers have also been proven to spend longer in store, which of course is a boon to any business owner!

Our lighting plan also worked to complement the carefully tailored visual merchandising of this space. Wall-washing was used to illuminate both the large graphics and imagery behind each bed, as well as high accent narrow lighting to ensure the contrast between the bed displays and the general ambience of the store. Products used were the Aka Major and Jax Eye.

As a distributer of beds, mattresses, kids’ beds, bedroom furniture and more, it is no surprise that Snooze customers are encouraged to make themselves at home, and often lie down on each bed when considering their purchase. To prevent blinding these unsuspecting customers with overbearing bright lights, extra consideration was required for the mattress area of the store and low-glare Jax Flat downlights were used.

We were very happy with the final outcome of the lighting design and overall aesthetic for the store. The combination of the different beam angles and low glare features of the fixtures complemented Snooze Frankston’s well designed floorplan, and ensured the customers were met with the comfortable and cozy shopping experience they have learned to expect from every Snooze store.

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