KIKKI.K Illumiates Store Redesign with Lighting Upgrade

When the kikki.K store in Doncaster, Victoria, had a redesign, including new floor layout and joinery, they also needed an upgrade of their lighting to suit the new space.

Retailite was commissioned to carry out the brief and started work on upgrading the store’s lighting to LED technology to enhance and work with the fixtures and new displays.

“kikki.K stores are designed to enhance a shoppers experience by creating a beautiful Swedish-style store , so the new lighting would need to complement the company’s strategy,” says Retailite Senior Lighting Design Specialist Patty Tartaglia, who worked on the project.

kikki.K Head of Store Development Natasha Adams says the aim of upgrading the lighting within the Doncaster store was really to lift and brighten the store.

“Although the store is near a large atrium with a lot of daylight streaming through the mall skylight, we could see the existing store lighting was looking dull and the natural daylight was competing with our in-store lighting, instead of adding to the ambience,” says Ms Adams.

“The new lighting needed to make the store fresh and bright and to work in with the brightness of the natural daylight location. It’s important for us to avoid shadows or dark spots, and the ambience to be achieved should be fresh and clean.”

Ms Tartaglia says working with the existing locations of fittings and cut outs, with minimal work on the ceiling, was the main challenge.

Retailite worked closely with Ms Adams, on the lighting design and selection of fittings to achieve the desired effect.

The light fitting selected were the right LUX and wattage for the high ceiling and open layout, with a wide beam angle to avoid shadowing and provide a well lit, fresh and clean light level and ambience.

“The fixtures selected provided flexibility to illuminate displays at high and lower levels with different beam angles strategically selected for the visual hierarchy of the space,” says Tartaglia.

Naturally a high CRI complemented the vibrant colours of the store merchandise.

Ms Adams says the window lights needed to be really punchy in order to not get lost in the brightness of the natural daylight coming from the mall sky light.

“We wanted to utilise much of the same cutouts as the original lighting design, and it was very useful that we could use additional base plates to enable the use of the same fitting into two different cutouts in the ceiling, which meant that we didn’t have to patch old holes,” says Ms Adams.

“We changed the existing recessed window lights to a track and track spots, which enabled more flexibility for our window display illumination, and moved the positioning closer to the shop front and ceiling junction to get more front angle and light on to the front of the displays.

The result was a beautiful clean store with an uncluttered feel to the space.

Ms Adams says kikki.K is delighted with the result.

“The store is fresh, the ambience is clean and bright and the product really pops. Both shop fronts are really well lit, working really well with both a highly drenched natural daylight shop front, as well as the internal mall shop front that has historically been very dark and dull,” says Ms Adams.

“We’ve been working with Retailite over the last twelve months and implemented designs into several new stores with very different criteria, still achieving the same clean, fresh ambience.“

“It’s great to have the ongoing support and relationship with the team at Retailite who are always ready for a new brief and new projects. The quality of the fittings and the constant development and innovation in the range to deliver better and better solutions to the ever-changing needs of our retail environments is imperative to the process and end result. We are also very proud to support Australian manufacturing and product development and see this as an additional benefit to working with Retailite supporting local talent, R&D and manufacturing.”

Lighting design by Patty Tartaglia

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