Kathmandu Chadstone’s Adventurous New Lighting Design

The Kathmandu brand is synonymous with adventure, travel, and the outdoors. While designing a tailored lighting solution for their Chadstone store, this brand ethos was an important consideration for Retailite.

Kathmandu’s active and adventure based product range is experienced outside, thereby achieving high colour rendering index as close to ‘true colour’ was a priority for this lighting. Kathmandu’s colourful merchandise was artificially saturated to render as close to ‘daylight’ (100% CRI) as possible. We developed a unique Quadretto Light fixture which was similarly matched in CRI, ensuring that colours were rendered consistently across the store.

The general illumination was achieved using a dual lighting layering approach, using our newly released Mura wall wash track spot, to evenly lift the base line lighting levels of the merchandise to 400LUX. This approach distributes 30W of lighting energy in a soft wide distribution. Such lighting effects are traditionally applied in art galleries where large oil paintings require soft and even distributions of light.

We then additionally overlaid an accent lighting strategy with our Cilindro track spot to hero merchandise and lift areas of the merchandise displays to 800LUX where our design team considered ‘appropriate’. This created a dynamic contrast ratio between the 400LUX base merchandise lighting layer to the bright hero elements. The intent of a dual layered lighting strategy is to efficiently light the merchandise with less fixtures, whilst employing a visual hierarchy (the theatre of lighting design) and reduce any harsh scollops often caused by a singular lighting strategy.

We deliberately isolated the floor plane and set it backward from the general merchandise to approximately 160LUX, thereby creating a considered retail lighting strategy which considers the floor as the least important element in the space.

To accentuate the interior architecture of the space, we integrated LED into the decorative timber slat feature which creates a central zone within the store and isolates the point of sale from the entry and perimeter hiking zone (place-making). The timber LED detail emphasises the height of the suspended ceiling, creating open space, perfect for a brand where the sky’s the limit!

The aesthetic of the Chadstone Kathmandu space is vibrant, clean and bright with seamless and considered integration of interior architecture with lighting design – a fantastic result for this iconic lifestyle brand.

Lighting design by Patty Tartaglia

“We have been very impressed with the Retailite team during the planning and implementation of their lighting design for our Chadstone store. They were wonderful at listening to and anticipating our needs, and their expertise in the retail industry was evident throughout the whole design process, which ran very smoothly. We are delighted with the finished results, and feel that Retailite’s lighting design reflects the vibrant nature of the Kathmandu brand, and complements the store interior style perfectly. Given the success of this project, we are working with Retailite on the rollout of additional stores and are eagerly anticipating some more beautiful results.” Abigail Wasmer