Coles Fresh Designer Lighting Solution

Coles approached Retailite for a new lighting strategy that could be trialled in their Port Melbourne supermarket, with potential to be rolled out elsewhere.

We were asked to create a lighting solution that would enhance the customers’ experience in the store while bringing out the best in the products – a fantastic challenge from an iconic brand.

The pre-existing lighting conditions in the Port Melbourne store included an outdated design with poor lux uniformity and contrast ratio, with no accenting light strategy in place.

Retailite’s Senior Lighting Designer Liam Petrie-Allbutt explains:

“For Coles, it’s all about the visual experience, creating contrast, and making the colour pop.”

This approach was especially important in the fresh produce sections, where bringing out the true colours and enhancing the natural beauty of the fruit and vegetables was a key consideration.

In recent years, Coles supermarkets have placed a much greater emphasis on fresh produce and creating a ‘farmer’s market feel,’ in their stores, and we took this new style of merchandising into careful consideration during the design process.

So, how did we achieve a lighting design that paid respect to the products? By using a careful selection of new design enhancements and lighting technologies.

Specifically, we lit the fresh produce directly from above, and used a higher CRI so that their natural colours and textures were enhanced. In addition, we redesigned the location of the lights to get a higher light level on the products, which improved contrast ratios between the fresh produce and surrounding areas (ie: floors/walls).

We also set a new target for lux levels (was 700 and increased to 1200) and implemented new beam angle distributions incorporating a duel light layering strategy. This strategy meant employing a combination of an accent lighting effect (narrow beams over merchandise) and an ambient lighting effect (wider beams, evenly spaced in aisles and darker areas where accent lighting was not required).

This innovative new lighting trial has resulted in a modern look and feel for a fantastic space, as well as drastically improved lux levels on produce.

Check out the photos below for an in depth look at this beautifully designed store.

Lighting design by Liam Petrie-Allbut

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