City Chic Fountain Gate Gets Red Carpet Treatment

Retailite were recently engaged by City Chic to produce an innovative concept lighting scheme for their Westfield Fountain Gate store. Fashion retailer City Chic (Specialty Fashion Group) is well known for their bold, glamourous and vibrant sense of style, and we sought to complement this aesthetic when considering the lighting requirements.

With any retail lighting solution, the objective is to enhance the retail environment to be eye-catching and engaging to customers. Retailite worked closely with the SFG during the re-design process of City Chic to most effectively integrate lighting with all interior design elements of the store while complementing the merchandising strategy and display items.

Feature elements included:
• Matte gold and black finishes used on the custom lighting decorative luminaires created uniquely by Coelho & Co.
• A clean ceiling aesthetic achieved with minimal deep recessed downlights (to reduce glare).
• Integrated linear lighting to feature wall panels.
• Linear LED lights in ceiling coves with careful detailing to achieve a soft glow.
• Dedicated downlights for artwork/brand poster locations.
• Accent spot lighting to merchandise and display areas.
• Integrated mirror lighting within fitting rooms, to achieve effective vertical light levels.

Exercising focused consideration to the stores visual hierarchy, the general sales floor offers a vibrant yet theatrical surrounding, which contrasts the intimate and subtle lighting strategy of the fitting rooms.

We installed a lighting control system with pre-set scenes to balance all lighting effects during the commission phase. The system provides flexibility to replicate environments such as day, night, Californian sunset and of course cleaning mode (100% lighting output).

We were thrilled with the now completed look and feel of Fountain Gate City Chic. In combination with the confident clothing style and store design, the retail space effortlessly achieves city sophistication in a suburban shopping centre setting.