Carla Zampatti Lighting Design Enhances Brand And Customer Experience

As one of Australia’s most recognised Fashion Designers, Carla Zampatti knows her brand all too well – elegant and sleek. It was this same look that was required for her new signature store in Sydney’s CBD.

GLG was recently engaged to deliver a lighting design plan that would complement the high-end brand. The Sydney store is located in the Westfield shopping centre in the heart of the CBD where myriad premium stores vie for the attention of eager shoppers and passersby.

However, the main challenge was to develop effective lighting solutions, which would comply with the upcoming, more restrictive Building Code of Australia J6 power density requirements of 16W/m2 – due to be implemented in 2019. This essentially means reducing the energy consumption of lighting.

“Overall our design entailed a combination of elegant black track spots around the store perimeter and store windows,” says Ms Galbraith. “This in turn created a distinctive modern feel for the brand along with discrete purposefully placed pairs of accenting downlights within a clean clutter-free ceiling.”

GLG strategically placed lighting to illuminate the desired elements, these being the merchandise and store feature wall. The black track lights also accentuate the black shopfront pillar with Carla Zampatti’s white luminescent logo.

“Using luminaires with high CRI allowed us to design to lower miniLUX levels while maintaining and improving the perceived quality of light and the merchandise being illuminated,” says Ms Galbraith.

“This analogy enabled a more energy efficient design for compliance whilst maintaining a highly effective end result.”

Meanwhile, the feedback has been very positive from both the store staff as well as the customers.

“The idea behind the lighting redesign was to ensure customers enjoyed the shopping experience and the clothes were highlighted to showcase the beautiful designs,” says Carla Zampatti’s General Manager, Elena Notte.

“In particular the lighting in the fitting rooms has been noted as very complimentary and flattering, which obviously will again enhance the shopping experience for our customers.”

Products used included:

Cilindro 80
Cardan Wall Washer
Mini Perfetto 18W