Anzac Parade LED Upgrade

Anzac Parade Gets The Light It Deserves


In time for ANZAC Day 2017, one of Australia’s most iconic stretches of road, Anzac Parade in the nation’s capital, underwent a major facelift. Installation of LED modules in all 116 of the road’s existing 150W induction fittings was completed providing the Parade with impressive, even illumination befitting the importance of this national monument.

Stretching from the Australian War Memorial and looking down to Capital Hill and the Australian Federal Parliament House, Anzac Parade hosts memorials to those who served in each of the major international theatres of conflict in which Australian and Imperial Armed Forces have served.


Some of the challenges of the project were that the LED upgrade could not significantly change the appearance of the luminaire. The luminaire design was inspired by the distinctive helmets worn by ANZAC forces during World War I.

Illumination to V2 category lighting standard (AS/NZS 1158.1.1) required the light output to be increased by 30% while power consumption was to be reduced by 40%. The fitting also needed to be capable of being dimmed to V4 category lighting after midnight.

To create the desired balance between driver safety, comfort and visual aesthetic to accompany the unique combination of gardens, displays and monuments along the Parade, each luminaire had to provide total maintained output greater than 5,300 lumens, with a maximum intensity of 3700 cd required at 45o vertical and 67.5o horizontal. Optics needed to meet the IES specification for Type II full cut off performance. Similarly, to control light pollution into surrounding streets and residences, the luminaire had to avoid leaking any upward light from the main optics. All light technical parameters had to be equivalent to or better than the original 150W lamps.

The light fittings are large and difficult to manoeuvre with each weighing in at 95kg. Each fitting is sealed to ensure that they will retain their IP65 rating for at least 15 years, as the fitting’s combination of metal, glass and silastic makes their maintenance difficult and time consuming to remove.


GLG’s solution involved 6 STLED modules with a custom reflector system. The dimpled reflector provides the appearance of a large luminous opening to reduce the glare impact of the LED modules. A large internal heatsink was designed to dissipate the 80W of power and dimmable driver was used, allowing power to be adjusted to suit the V2 to V4 category levels.

These LED sources provide many advantages over the original induction lamps, including a longer rated life of >88,000 versus 60,000 hours and a higher lumen maintenance over life (0.8 versus 0.7). They also consume less power, <85W versus 165W.

LEDs are dimmable as well, saving even more power. Each pole is fitted with a 2 channel C-BUS controller, allowing the LEDs to be programmed to dim after peak operating hours.

ANZAC Parade’s LED upgrade meets all of the many light technical parameters required, as well as providing considerable energy and maintenance savings. The successful outcome of this project was a true team effort involving close collaboration between GLG’s sales, engineering and manufacturing personnel with partners in Ecowise and ACT local government.