AS2293 Compliant DALI Monitored Emergency Just Got Even Better

27 September 2016

AS2293 Compliant DALI Monitored Emergency systems provide a simple and cost-effective way to provide AS2293 Compliance by using the international standard for lighting control, DALI.

By utilising DALI for Emergency Monitoring everybody saves time and money by using the same infrastructure that is already being installed for general lighting control. Less cable, less labour, less time = Less hassle.

And this is true for DIGINET’s RAPIX Emergency – which has recently been upgraded to version 4.0.

This 4.0 upgrade represents major leapfrog over competitors in time-savings for implementing AS2293 Compliant DALI Monitored Emergency solutions.

AS2293 Compliance Faster Than Ever

When using the RAPIX Lighting Control system to provide both lighting control and DALI Monitored Emergency functionality, contractors and systems integrators get to deliver 2 systems simultaneously, faster for less.

As the RAPIX Zone Controller is fully enabled with the complete set of DALI Emergency commands not only do building owners and tenants only pay once for hardware, they only pay once for system commissioning and cabling infrastructure.

Time and Money Saving Trilogy

  • Save on switch board space
  • Save on cabling costs and labour
  • Save on system commissioning

Commission One System for AS2293 Compliance and Lighting Control

These time and money savings are achieved not only by using the DALI infrastructure for both control and emergency monitoring but also by allowing both systems to be commissioned simultaneously.

When a RAPIX Systems Integrator commissions the connected DALI systems and stores this information to the Zone Controllers, this same information can be used with the RAPIX Emergency software through a simple file export.

This process below details all of the steps necessary to get your AS2293 Compliance.

AS2293 Compliance in Minutes, not Hours.

STEP 1: Address all of your DALI drivers and ballasts using RAPIX Integrator.

STEP 2: Name your Emergency drivers according to their location and site nomenclature.

STEP 3: Export the file for importation into RAPIX Emergency software

STEP 4: Press ‘Build Test Schedules’ in RAPIX Emergency Software

STEP 5: Sit back and relax. You’re done!

Your AS2293 Compliant DALI Monitored Emergency system completed in minutes, not hours.