Blade emergency fitting that contains a Li-Ion battery pack

Are all Li-Ion batteries created equal?

01 November 2019

When there’s an emergency, the last place you want to be is in the dark. It is important to be sure that emergency and exit lighting will be ready to go when all else fails.

Changes in technology have seen manufacturers of exit and emergency lighting create a shift from nickel metal hydride(Ni-MH) and nickel-cadmium cell (NiCd) batteries to Lithium Ion batteries. It is important to note though, that there are a number of types of Li-Ion batteries in the market and not all are created equal.

  • LiFePO4 – 1,000 cycles and holds up to 90% of the original cell capacity
  • NiMh – Up to 700 cycles and dead
  • NiCd – 150 continuous cycles and dead

Key attributes to consider when selecting the optimal type of battery is the price, reliability and stability of the battery cells. We recommend Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries as they are proven to have the best cycle performance, reduced risk of overheating therefore safest choice and best value.

Experienced manufacturer of exit and emergency lighting, Pierlite has a reputation for going above and beyond when it comes to testing and compliance.

“In developing our emergency and exit offer, we knew it was important that we select technology that delivers improvement in safety, quality and performance. We have conducted extensive research and testing to confirm that the LiFePO4 batteries are most suited for Australian conditions and deliver the best value.” says Sid Gaurav, Senior Category Manager at Pierlite.

“We provide users with peace of mind by supplying all tests and compliance information. We also initiate our own comprehensive and rigorous quality assurance. We test full discharge-charge cycle once per day to reflect the most extreme situations such as typical construction site to be confident that we can deliver on our safety and reliability commitment” Says Sid.

“Thanks to this rigorous testing, we have even more confidence that our lithium batteries will operate safely and reliably for our customers, when they need it most”.

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