Amazon Alexa Smart Home Lighting Control with Diginet Sitara

23 January 2018

Amazon Alexa smart home lighting control is coming to Australia officially in February 2018 and Diginet Sitara is Amazon Alexa smart home lighting control ready.

Amazon Alexa is the virtual digital assistant powering the Amazon Echo range of devices’ amazing capabilities, including lighting control using Diginet Sitara.

Amazon Alexa smart home lighting control instantly transports homeowners to the future of smart homes, providing voice control of their lighting inexpensively and with minimal technical know-how required.

Using the Diginet Sitara lighting control solution with the Amazon Alexa smart home lighting control enabled skill, you speak your commands and Amazon Alexa listens and controls the lights on/off, dims or fades lighting to a scene, almost instantly.

Of course, the Amazon Alexa smart home capabilities can be extended beyond just lighting control using other Amazon Alexa skills which can be easily installed and activated for distributed home audio, air conditioning, even trivia games and more.

“Alexa, dim the kitchen lights to 55%”

“Alexa turn front patio on”

“Alexa turn all lights off”

How Does Diginet Sitara work with Amazon Alexa smart home lighting control?

Diginet Sitara is an affordable lighting control system for homes using new Bluetooth mesh technology to provide whole-house lighting control for a fraction of the cost of legacy systems.

Combining Diginet Sitara with Amazon Alexa Smart Home lighting control skill homeowners experience the future today, as it works out of the box without any ongoing fees, once installed.

To get started with Diginet Sitara and Amazon Alexa smart home lighting, just 3 components are needed.

  • A Diginet Sitara Dimmer
  • A Diginet Remote Access Bridge ( to connect the lighting to the internet)
  • An Amazon Alexa unit – there are a few different model to choose from and Diginet Sitara works with all versions.

Diginet Sitara Bluetooth Dimmer
(installed by electrician)

Diginet Sitara Remote Access Bridge
(plugin to your wall power point)

Amazon Alexa Unit
(Purchased from Amazon, configured via App)

  1. The Diginet Sitara dimmer needs to be installed by a licensed electrician to the lighting circuit/s that the homeowners want to control.
  2. The RAB just gets plugged into a wall socket and configured in the AVI-On App either by the homeowner or the electrician.
  3. Download the AVI-On App (Download iOS | Download Android) which is used to setup the Diginet Sitara components, and plugin and set up the Amazon Alexa through the Alexa App. (Download iOS | Download Android)

Of course the more lighting circuits you want Amazon Alexa to control, the more Sitara Dimmers are needed – 1 per lighting circuit you would like to control with your voice.

With more than 1 Diginet Sitara dimmer homeowners can group these dimmers for more convenient control.

For example you could group you kitchen, dining and lounge into a Living Area Group ; or you could group all of your bedrooms into a Bedrooms group – and the just ask Amazon “Alexa, turn the bedrooms off..” ‘OK’.

Diginet Sitara provides the capability of automating lighting with 7-day scheduling capabilities, ability to create scenes where different lighting circuits are set to different output levels from a single command and the ability to control your lights whilst not at home.

Diginet Sitara is purchased via Electrical Wholesalers – Visit the Store Locator to find a Diginet Sitara Stockist near you
Amazon Echo hardware can be purchased directly from Amazon Australia

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