Alternatives to Clipsal C-Bus® and Others

24 September 2017

Are You Looking for alternatives to C-Bus® and Others?
Are looking for alternatives to Clipsal C-Bus® and others? Perhasp you should consider some lighting control solutions from Gerard Lighting depending on whether the alternatives to C-Bus® you seek are for the residential or commercial market and the degree of automation desired. When looking for alternatives to Clipsal C-Bus® and others Home Automation for the residential market ask yourself if LEDSMART+®, Sitara® and RAPIX® Lighting Control.

Ifyou are considering Alternatives to CBUS Home Automation for the residential market read this article for some guisnace. Alternatives to Clipsal C-Bus® and others for the commercial market might be RAPIX® Lighting Control.

Continue reading below to find out why.

Is RAPIX a good alternative to Clipsal C-Bus® and others for Commercial Applications
RAPIX Lighting control is a secure commercial lighting control platform offering IOT connectivity. RAPIX is part of the Diginet brand of Gerard Lighting Pty Ltd, Australia largest lighting solutions company.

Designed and developed in Adelaide, Australia, RAPIX is based on international standards of DALI and Ethernet. RAPIX was released officially in April 2016 and has a growing number of mission-critical lighting control projects delivered in Australia and New Zealand.

RAPIX provides a Free Interface for Clipsal C-Bus® and RAPIX, using Schedule Plus™, HomeGate™ or a Colour C-Touch™
Follow this link to read more and [download the Free Interface for C-Bus® and RAPIX], using Schedule Plus™, HomeGate® or a Colour C-Touch™

IS RAPIX a feasible alternatives to Clipsal C-Bus® and others?
4 Reasons Why RAPIX is Ideal


DALI Scaleable

RAPIX optimises equipment and functionality on commercial lighting control projects as small as a single DALI line applications up to 100’s of DALI lines – As the tag line says – simpler faster and easier.


DALI Compliant

RAPIX has a range of DALI compliant devices which will operate on ANY DALI system and can be purchased separately – including Clipsal CBUS® DALI projects. DALI Relays DALI Phase Dimmers DALI Power Supplies


Best of the Best Integrators

RAPIX projects are delivered by RAPIX Systems Integrators who are trained by Gerard Lighting on all things DALI and RAPIX Lighting Control. Find RAPIX Systems Integrators


Modular Switches

RAPIX Modular switches fit right into CLIPSAL® Saturn™ and CLIPSAL® Zen™ wall plates. Read more about RAPIX Modular Switches

RAPIX has been installed in mission critical applications in Australia and New Zealand such as:

  • train stations
  • light rail depots and operating centres
  • prisons
  • sewerage works
  • international airports
  • aged care facilities
  • government buildings
  • commercial offices

RAPIX is supported nationally in Australia by a team of lighting controls experts who are VERY familiar with all legacy lighting control systems including Clipsal C-Bus®, Philips Dynalite™, KNX™ and more. Almost any project can quickly and easily be turned around to a RAPIX solution by this team including the provision of single line diagrams, CAD and BIM information.

Is RAPIX an alternatives to Clipsal C-Bus®?

6 MORE Reasons Why RAPIX is Suiteable for Modern Commercial Projects

  1. 100% DALI Compliant. Most commercial applications use DALI today. Native DALI as implemented by RAPIX is noticeably faster than some other solutions as there is no translation or re-transmission needed.
  2. Faster – RAPIX is built for the fast, future, with embedded security and open international protocols.
  3. Secure – RAPIX is Secure out of the box – No additional hardware needed or human intervention to ensure its secure.

4. Open API – RAPIX integrates to BMS and AV via an open API – no additional hardware needed. Plug in the CAT5 and you’re off, securely.
5. Time Saving Software – RAPIX Software workflows reduce commissioning times significantly and provide scapabilities to perform all commissioning off-site, import and manipulate CAD drawings as the commissioning interface.
6. Integrated Emergency Monitoring – RAPIX provides emergency monitoring reporting to AS2293, automatic PDF reports and automatic report emailing on the same hardware reducing board space and infrastructure costs.