Design & Manufacturing Services

Thought leadership for leading performance.

We do more than just deliver to specifications. We create them, thanks to in-depth design and research smarts that ensure sharper thinking and innovative solutions. We don’t just provide ready-made answers: we know the questions to ask that will make a real difference to your project and its commercial outcomes.

Our capability to research and develop specific products to suit project requirements is unmatched — and everything we learn from each project informs even better solutions on the next.

We have unmatched flexibility, capability and resources to completely fulfil a project’s requirements end-to-end. This is enabled by our multi-skilled team who follow ISO9001 during planning, maintenance, purchasing and tooling.

So whatever your commercial objectives, whether its maximising revenue, managing working capital or reducing operating expenses, our capabilities can help you achieve them.

Servicing your next project from end to end.

Working for you

Your complete lighting procurement, design and management service.

GLG offers a complete package starting with our Lighting Design Service. A team of highly qualified, expert lighting designers develop tailored and bespoke solutions for large projects. They work closely with your lighting engineers to ensure we deliver the best possible solution for your project.

Our project management team are dedicated to the efficient completion of your job from initial design approval to final installation and implementation of their lighting design solution. They support you through the quoting and product ordering stage, while ensuring prompt, safe delivery of final components using GLG’s own national distribution network.