Architecturally designed Italian luxury in lighting.

Made in Italy since 1982, the SIDE range of high-end, external and internal luminaires is an integral piece in the GLG product offering. A distinguished and recognised market leader in the lighting space, SIDE offers a bespoke solution in architectural lighting.

Value without compromise

SIDE products represent great value for money without compromising quality

Elegance and practicality

Italian-designed interior and exterior architectural lighting, offering the perfect balance of elegance and practicality

Bespoke solutions

A range of quality materials and finishes ensures your lighting solutions will fit any application

The collection of interior and exterior luminaires by SIDE, available exclusively from GLG provides the perfect balance of elegance and practicality. SIDE is continuously evolving and making efforts to develop new lighting solutions and equipment dedicated to its core business areas, that is interior and exterior architectural lighting. Through its research and development centre, collaborating with leaders in the field of lighting research and responding directly to market requests, SIDE ensure they are ahead in lighting innovation and technology, while always maintaining a sense of luxury.

Although a premium offer, SIDE products have always been characterised by great value for money. Through ongoing analysis of industrial costs and extensive development research, the SIDE range offers competitive prices without compromising on aesthetics, quality and technology.

SIDE Catalogues

Illuminating Interiors and Exteriors Catalogue
Architectural Catalogue
Operative Catalogue