Award winning designs for customizable Downlights to suit your needs

The DOT Downlight range was first introduced in 1983, designed and Constructed in New Zealand by Nimbus Lighting Group

For the last 45 years Nimbus Lighting Group has solely focused on the research, development and construction of Downlights resulting in a significant advantage over most competitors whose R&D budget is spread across many lighting segments.

This has resulted in a number of multi award winning designs.

The design of DOT Downlights has evolved primarily in response to changing technology, suggestions and feedback from building owners, lighting designers and electrical contractors in Australia.

A long-term partnership with world leading LED and Driver manufacturers ensures we are continuously updated with latest technological advances.

Unique design of the DOT LED range with an interchangeable component “bank” results in very fast introduction of new technologies to the range.

There are over 10,000 possible options in the DOT Downlights LED range.

Only the highest quality materials are used in the manufacture of DOT Downlights resulting in a minimum of 5 years warranty on all products.

DOT Downlights are sold worldwide in over 15 Countries.

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