Derungs Lighting Expertise

Derung’s passion to develop illumination concepts for people is incorporated in their brand promise ‘Functionality meets Design’. GLG is proud to supply Derungs’ range of products to the nursing and medical sector within the Australian market

Vivva a Family of Lights Rich in Variety

The basic element of the ViVAA luminaire family is the exceptionally flat lamp body, which provides an unforgettable light experience. The three models – surface mounted, pendant and Ring – provide individual solutions for a diversity of projects.

Zera the Wall Mounted Luminaire

The restrained, elegant look of the ZERA luminaire family inspires everyone: The slender ZERA luminaires
don’t only look good in nursing home and hospital rooms, but also in hallways, common areas and lavatories.
Highly efficient LEDs and specially developed optics ensure inviting direct and indirect light. .

Light for Care and Health

Effective lighting contributes greatly to people’s health and well-being. Our biodynamic technology plays a big part in our product portfolio. A refined design and minimalistic form, strong, durable materials, and the latest in LED technology, allow us to offer our customers complete lighting solutions, including the use of light management systems.


Life needs Light

Light is everything in nature. It provides growth, diversity and beauty. We humans are a part of nature. Light is therefore the most natural nourishment in the world for us. It determines our entire existence: Light affects important hormonal and metabolic processes, synchronizing our internal clocks again and again. Light gives our lives rhythm. Whenever there is a lack of natural daylight our rhythm is disrupted the VISUAL TIMING LIGHT (VTL) system from Derungs, also called Human Centric Lighting, recreates the effects of natural daylight, restoring proper rhythm and balance to people’s lives.