Environmental Responsibility

Our comprehensive lighting solutions put sustainability in the spotlight and are designed to support your building plans and reduce waste. 

Using the latest manufacturing technology and enforcing stringent quality standards, we develop smart and efficient luminaires that are reliable, fit for purpose and engineered to last. 

The results translate to considerable savings for workplaces by reducing both energy consumption and replacement costs, whilst helping achieve compliance to national and global sustainability standards.

Our commitment to the environment extends well beyond providing products and services that help reduce waste and energy; we’re also proud signatories of initiatives that are making a genuine difference:

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FluoroCycle is increasing the national recycling rate of waste mercury-containing lamps by targeting commercial and industrial sectors where the bulk of waste lamps are generated.

This voluntary product stewardship initiative is aimed at increasing the recycling rate of end-of-life emergency and exit lighting batteries.

APCO is charged with changing the way we create, collect and recover product packaging that is made, used and sold in Australia, to create a sustainable pathway.