6 Smart Schedules for Diginet Sitara Bluetooth Home Lighting Control System

30 December 2017

Smart Schedules for Diginet Sitara system provide a level of safety, convenience and luxury which were previously only available with expensive. legacy lighting control systems.

Smart Schedules for Diginet Sitara are easy to setup, edit and change yourself right from your mobile device without having to call back your electrician or a systems technician.

Smart Schedules for Diginet Sitara can be edited and updated from wherever you are in the world when using the Diginet Sitara Remote Access Bridge (RAB).

Whilst the RAB is not needed for full functionality and control of your Diginet Sitara system from within your home, if you require remote control and configuration the RAB provides this simply and cost effectively.

The Best 6 Smart Schedules for Diginet Sitara

The following smart schedules provide both the most commonly asked for requirements as well as the most useful and convenient to save energy, increase safety and security and provide a sense of luxury.

6 Smart Schedules for Diginet Sitara

  • Morning Sweep
  • Holiday Mode
  • Outdoor Safety
  • Evening Comfort
  • Morning Convenience
  • Light as an Alarm Clock

Smart Schedule 1: Morning Sweep

Monday to Friday during the day no-one is typically home in a large number of homes.

Adults are working, children are at school, and everybody rushes out of the house in the morning to get to where they’re going on time.

The Morning Sweep is a simple energy saving schedule. Every morning , Monday to Friday, @9:30am Diginet Sitara will ensure ALL lights are off. This includes bathrooms, bedrooms and kitchens.

No more returning home at night only to find all the bedroom lights have been on all day.

Smart Schedule 2: Holiday Mode

Going on holiday and want to keep your home safe?

One of the easiest way to do this it to make the house looked lived in by turning lights on and off at certain times.

With Diginet Sitara you can create this schedule of different lights in different rooms turning on.off. dimming for your entire holiday period.

Sure it uses some energy, but better than being broken into and because you have full control of timing and which lighting activates, you can choose your most energy efficient lighting to be used for th Holiday mode function.

Smart Schedule 3: Outdoor Safety

An oldie but a goodie, simple have your external outdoor lighting turn on and turn of at certain times of the evening.

This provides both a safety component and keeps criminals away from your home – nothing criminal hate more than a well lit home outside.

The smart schedule can be set to a specific time or linked to sunrise and sunset of you like.

Smart Schedule 4: Evening Comfort

When you’re relaxing at home of evening, whether its reading a book, playing a video game or watching TV, having your lights automatically turn on and off automatically provides a sense of luxury.

Schedule Diginet Sitara to control the lights you want to turn on/off in the evening when you’re normally home.

And if you’re not going to be home, on one evening no problem, simply disable the schedule for that day and then enable it again from the App on your phone.


No more forgetting to turn the lights off downstairs or worrying about whether you did actually turn them off. Diginet Sitara has ‘got-your-back’ and will execute the schedules.

Smart Schedule 5: Morning Convenience

This is a perfect schedule for winter, so just enable it when winter rolls around.

Its normally darker, later in the morning in winter and you need a little extra light to navigate your way to breakfast.

Diginet Sitara scheduler lets you select only the lights you need on in the morning to safely make it to the breakfast table.

The middle of winter is the darkest time of year, so consider having 2 winter schedules, 1 for the dead of winter where the lights turn off later, and 1 for the other times when your lighting is not needed as you transition from Autumn and to Spring.

You get fine control of your schedules and the simple ability to enable/disable the schedules you want, when you want them.

Smart Schedule 6: Light as an Alarm Clock

Having trouble waking up in the morning.

Mobile phone alarms not doing the job anymore?

Don’t fret. Diginet Sitara has you sorted.

Using the Light as an Alarm Clock schedule set your bedside lamps or table lamps to turn on when your alarm would normally sound.

Need a snooze button?

No problem, use your LEDSmart+ dimmer connected to the same circuit at your bedside and the light will turn off.

Create another schedule for the lights to come on 10 minutes later. If you’ve pressed snooze (your LEDsmart+ dimmer) this backup schedule gets you out of bed by turning the lights on again. If the lights are already on then nothing will change!

Simple Light as an Alarm Clock.