2 Way Dimmers for LED Lights

20 January 2017

2 way dimmers for LED lights is now a reality.

Until now, 2 way dimmers for LED lights was not possible. Your electrician could provide an LED dimmer in 1 location, and only an on/off switch in the other location.

As a home owner, you would have to choose the ‘best place’ for the LED dimmer.

Now, with Diginet’s LEDsmart+ range of dimmers, push buttons, switches and timers this all changes, forever.

You can now have 2 way dimmers, 3 way dimmers – as many dimmers as you need – in as many locations as you need.
No New Wires
No Control System

More than Just 2 Way Dimmers

Now, as the home owner you can choose more than just 2 way dimmers to match your home’s lighting control needs.

Diginet’s LEDsmart+ range provides a complete LED lighting control solution with a range of:

  • Rotary dimmers
  • Push button dimmers
  • Push button switches
  • Push button timers in hour and minute increments

These extra LEDsmart+ products makes controlling things like towel racks, outdoor lighting and other lighting which needs to be time controlled possible from multiple locations.

And they can be mixed on the same circuit. For example, a home owner might like to turn their outdoor lighting on and dim the lighting, and have it turn off after 1 hour, automatically.

This is easily and inexpensively achieved using only LEDsmart+ products.

All your electrician has to do is wire the devices in parallel.

No new wires, no strappers, no control system needed.

2 Way Dimmers Need No New Wiring

The new LEDsmart+ dimmers provide home owners 2 way dimmers without having to install expensive control systems or add any new wiring.

Your electrician can simply use or modify the existing wiring, even if you already have 2 way switching or 3 way switching in place.

The LEDsmart+ range of dimmers also fit into a wide range of common Australian wall plates, so depending on what you have and what you want, you may be able to even re-use your existing wall plates.

All of this keeps your installation costs down and provides you 2 way dimmers, 3 way dimmers and more – at every location you want them.

Compatible 2 Way Dimmers

LEDsmart+ LED dimmers are compatible with a range of LED lights from many manufacturers.

LEDsmart+ works just as well with traditional light sources, like tungsten, halogen and even dimmable CFL (curly) lamps.

This means that you can upgrade to 2 way dimmers now, and even if you are not ready to replace all the lights in your home to LED lights, you can have 2 way dimmers controlling all light sources right away.

Good Looking 2 Way Dimmers

2 way dimmers no longer have to be ugly or expensive to achieve the look you want

The LEDsmart+ range provides vast array of options to match your decor and design aesthetic.

There are many accessories available, most of which come in the pack with the dimmers, switches and timers. These accessories include:

– choice of rotary dial size (large of small)
– choice of rotary dial colour (white, black and grey)
– choice of coloured dial on rotary
– choice of push button surround or bezel
No other LED dimmers come close to providing home owners a simple way to customise their dimmers to match their design needs.

Watch the video and wait ’till the end for the combinations.

Learn More about the new GOLD standard in Dimming – LEDsmart+