Quality with solid foundation

Sylvania is synonymous with quality lighting. With a solid foundation of 40+ years in the Australian market and a global heritage stretching back over a century, Sylvania understands the science of lighting and what is required to provide our clients with innovative and functional lighting solutions.


Backed in Australia by GLG, Sylvania encompasses engineering, lighting design and project management, coupled with a large local manufacturing facility. In-house technical experience and capability to support the development of custom engineered solutions for the sports, infrastructure and roadway sectors, utilizing the world’s best lighting controls, gives us the ability to support projects across the country.


Sylvania is dedicated to delivering tailored solutions for the desired application. LGAs, energy authorities and major infrastructure firms are amongst the many who consult with Sylvania. We pride ourselves on offering complete, tailored solutions for our customers.

As technology and the internet of things continues to develop, Sylvania continues to create leading-edge products which support the integration of smart technologies into public lighting infrastructure. Our focus remains on maintaining high product quality that is designed specifically for customers’ needs, and ensuring what we deliver promotes savings in energy consumption, sustainability and reductions in operating costs.